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Six joining advantages

Join conditions

After Huaying electronic agents approved assessment process to join Warburg, Warburg can get professional support in terms of market operations, marketing, technology, management and training. Through the sharing of resources, each agency will receive enough support and guidance. Also has rich experience in marketing and market capacity of Warburg team, according to the different regional conditions, to develop the marketing strategy to help agents get in return as soon as possible.
Join conditions

Acting distribution

First, agents premise

1.1 can independently bear civil liability enterprises, self-employed, can provide a legitimate business license, tax registration certificate, identity card, with a fixed, relatively standardized business premises;
1.2 has some financial strength and good reputation, there are investment awareness and risk awareness;
1.3 has a strong desire to carry out the cause of building intercom, highly recognized "Compal Electronics" philosophy;
1.4 There are good sales channels and ways of marketing a certain ability to assume the task of marketing a region;
1.5 full-time, professional marketing staff, with installation and commissioning, service capabilities, and can take on the responsibility of Warburg product service area;
1.6 accept our mandate and to strictly comply with our policy concerning proxy, regulations, within our designated regional exclusive agent our products and services;
1.7 for at least three years experience in the security industry, more than one year of experience building intercom industry;
1.8 can strictly enforce the company's sales policy, the timely completion of the company provides sales tasks.

Second, agents interests

2.1 may obtain the authorized sales of Party A's products;
2.2 can enjoy a variety of preferential policies and incentives developed by Party A;
2.3 can get the product information provided by Party A in time;
2.4 can participate in the sales training and technical training conducted by Party A in the same period;
2.5 may regularly participate in Party A's product launches and other market activities;
2.6 exclusive agents have the right to re-authorize the regional market.
Acting distribution

Joining process

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